Archie CRM

CRM software for the mid-market

Archie CRM

CRM software voor
de mid-market

CRM the way you want it
Discover how to easily maintain lasting relationships.


✔ Standard software with many possibilities for professional relationship management.

✔ Can be built out step by step, so that your CRM implementation is easy to oversee.

✔ Flexible deployment means existing systems do not need to be changed.

Easy to use

✔ Fast, clear and intuitive, thanks to years of user-experience feedback.

✔ Provides greater insight into sales processes and services through structured information.

✔ Provides greater insight into sales processes and services through structured information.

Clearly laid out

✔ Unite all your customer information in a single, central location.

✔ Customer status is immediately visible, so quick decisions can be made.

✔ Information is available everywhere — on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, and via the Cloud.

Customer stories
Read about how Archie CRM works in practice.
What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It presents the opportunity, for any size company, to attract new customers, to maintain good customer relations, and to raise customer service to a higher level. CRM is an extended form of relationship management that enables you to follow anyone on their customer journey.
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CRM important for every organization

CRM is important for any company that values customer loyalty and wants to raise its revenues and profits. It’s a business strategy in which the central focus is on the customer. CRM software ensures that all information about a customer, from all the different departments within the company, is collated and a total picture emerges.
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Archie introduces the GDPR Helper

Archie Europe has developed a tool to ensure that CRM data in Archie complies with the GDPR legislation. This tool will help you make personal data stored in your Archie CRM database GDPR-compliant. By running the GDPR Helper regularly, you can keep your database in good order and GDPR-proof, and prevent data contamination.
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Free online demo

Would you like to know more about Archie CRM? Then request an online demo. In just 15 minutes, you'll know what Archie CRM could mean for you. The demo can be tailored to your own particular needs, and you can follow along from your own workplace.

The demo is free of charge and carries no obligation.

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